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Cat, Ferret & Rabbit Boarding

Our premium boarding suites are named after our beloved pets. Whether your family pet is staying in The Peabody, Busa's Bungalow, Nile's Nook, or Sutton's Suite, rest assured they will be lovingly cared for while they visit with us.


Every pet is given individualized attention 5 or more times daily. Last walks for dogs and last checks for all premium guests are between 10:00 -11:45 pm nightly. Most pets will have full access to their premium suite all day, as long as they are not destructive. If your pet is at risk of bolting out the door of their suite, we may use a x-pen, playpen or some other manner to keep them safe. 


We only board one family per suite, as long as they get along with each other. Rates vary accordingly. Each suite can be modified for each stay. Please let us know if your pet has a specific need. We offer furniture, bowls, litter boxes, litter, cat trees, lounging spots, pet beds, washable pads, blankets, rugs, and hiding holes. We want your pet(s) to be comfortable, know they are safe and loved.

We keep several types of litters on hand, as well as grass hays and Oxbow pellets for specific species.

RABBIT VACCINE: RHDV-2 Vaccine is available in the US and strictly required at SSPR. Please read and register on Cornerstone Animal Hospital's website:


Premium Suites

First Cat, Rabbit or Ferret is $30 per night

Each additional pet is $28 per night (same room)

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