Cat, Ferret & Rabbit Boarding

This premium suite is named The Peabody, after a very special kitty. Peabody was full of spunk and sass, yet he was super loving, very intelligent and comical. We thought it fitting to remember him this way.


Every pet is given individualized attention and full access to their premium suite all day. The Peabody can be modified for each pet visiting with interactive toys and feeding stations, scratching tree, as well as lounging spots and hiding holes. We want your pet(s) to be on vacation too!

* We only board one family at a time in The Peabody so space is limited.

RABBIT VACCINE: RHDV-2 Vaccine will soon be available in the US and strictly required at SSPR. Please read and register on Cornerstone Animal Hospital's website:


Premium Suite - The Peabody: 8' x 12' Room

First pet is $20 per night

Second pet is $18 per night (same room)

Third pet is $16 per night (same room)

Fourth pet is $14 per night (same room)