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Our doggie daycare program is designed with dogs in mind. This program is what a dog wants for themselves - to play, make friends, dig, get wet & dirty, then play some more. OH, and go home slap tired!! OK, that's what pet parents want. We will clean them up as needed. We also have groomers on staff when you need to schedule a deep clean for your beloved. If you want this for your dog, and yourself, SSPR is the right place to come!

Please set up your account and dog's profile online (via 'Book Now'). Upload images of their vet record showing proof of vaccines. Next, request a Daycare Meet & Greet through your account. Like facility tours, we prefer to set up meet & greets 12-2 pm Monday - Friday if at all possible. This is when we give dogs time to rest & decompress, staff time to grab lunch & catch up wherever needed. This means the play yards are open!


The meet & greet will be scheduled with a Daycare Attendant, you and your dog(s) at our facility. Prepare yourself that most dogs are not instant best friends and are often shy at first. Your furbaby may act very differently here to start or even after settling in. Trust us. Give the process time, we'll be upfront and honest with you, and your dog will figure our system out.


Like us, pets like to watch, observe and will feel more confident when they know the routine. This allows them to open up more and build relationships - just like we do at a new place of work. Sometimes the dog who's most afraid will become a social butterfly and take pride showing newbies the ropes. Now, let's see if we can build some great doggie friendships!


All dogs must be healthy, kept current on vaccines (DHPP, KC, and rabies), dewormed routinely, be parasite-free, and kept on preventions for heartworms, fleas and ticks. We will always do our best to post pictures and videos on our Facebook page routinely to show their progress and fun. This is not guaranteed. For safety, focus during playtimes is our top priority! We reserve the right to refuse any pet as we see fit.


** Always check the bottom of this page for Daycare Snooze Dates.

Daycare Programs & Rates:



$22/day or Frequent Flyer Rate $20/day (must attend 3 or more days per week, routinely)

This group comes to play! The Player's Club is best suited for dogs who need to burn some energy, socialize with other dogs, and work their brains! This group runs in a large fenced yard, fetches toys, digs in the sand, and plays in the pools. Rest periods are indoors with plenty of water and Kong toys with treats inside (if approved by owner). Your furkid will get dirty!

Features: Outdoor play times, indoor rest periods with A/C, other dogs & people, plus plenty of time for exercise, dog toys, puzzles, lots of loving, & pool time! Feel free to bring favorite treats.



$15/day or Frequent Flyer Rate $10/day (must attend 3 or more days per week, routinely)

The Big Chill Group is best suited for dogs who cannot handle rough play or overdoing it, but need some enrichment in their day.

Features: Relaxing indoors with A/C, other dogs & people for the day, lots of loving.

Includes at least 4 outdoor times in play yard. Feel free to bring favorite treats & a bed.

Daycare Add-on to Boarding Option $15/day (in addition to boarding rate)


Please note that we may not be able to provide daycare for dogs on the following dates. Our staff may be working limited hours to allow time for them with their families and space is limited due to boarding dates. Thank you for your understanding.

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